• 4/29/17
  • 4/15/17
  • 4/14/17

  • #. // . ☽ ' i want to love you, pretty young thing.  you need some loving, and i'm a real one. '
  • ☺

  • “i knew back then, you were that special one. i'm so in love, so deep in love. you make my life complete. you are so sweet,  no one competes. glad you came into my life. you blind me with your love with you i have no sight.”
  • namz.
  • “a fatal attraction is common and what we have common is pain. i mean you need to hear this, love is not just a verb.  and i can see power steering, s ex drive when you swerve.”
  • —

  • and now that's its over, i'd rather be sober..
  • ❝...you got me laying straight back with my legs in the air while my back is still arching..❞
  • ▬ 11:47 p.m.
  • sashiana coleman

  • Do me a huge favor.
  • Freckle faced kids.
  • •I'm gone make you say you love me girl.
  • ❁ To me she was like a rose in a city where they say a flower never grows

  • This is for you, loml
  • " hey ma "
  • "Late Night Post😉"
  • "You call ha Stephanie? I call ha heffanyyyyy, I don't open doors for no hœs!"

  • I like fun jawnss:))))
  • " I'm sippin muddy , there you go off dem' xans again "
  • Took a nap w/ bae , she being loud .
  • [ " Woke up in the morning , brush my teeth , smack my bìtch ass . I'll I do is think about da cash " ]

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  • We're bored , but comment .
  • || { Inserts a big sigh } ||
  • || Listennn .
  • || I know I'm not the center of the universe . But you keep spinning 'round me just the same , And I drive myself crazy . Thinking everything’s about me

  • — “don't pick up the pieces, just leave it for now. they keep falling apart.”
  • “ my daddy told me to tell you that he say f'uck you, he figured you was the realist, he figured that he could trust you.”
  • “ cleansing my soul of addiction for now , 'cause I'm falling apart ”
  • its 2am again and I'm thinking about you..